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A threat to Turkey Foreign Policy as Maldives FM Shahid get’s support from Saudi & India as UNGA president

Maldives local media reported that Saudi Arabia and India have both given their support to the Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid’s candidature for President of the United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA) in 2021.

As per media reports, the Saudi Foreign Ministry’s State Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir addressed a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, affirming that Saudi will back Maldives in the election.

The United Nation’s 76th General Assembly is scheduled for September 14, 2021 for which a new president will be elected three months in advance. Therefore, the elections are expected to take place in the middle of next year.

Foreign Minister Shahid has been one of the most loyal supporters of Indian and Saudi policies in Asia and the Middle East. There have been reports of Shahid looking for a high level job at the United Nations in return for supporting these two nation’s foreign policy interests.

The current governments of India and Saudi Arabia have promised in past years throughout many international forums of their intention to crack down on political Islam in their own countries and around the world. They see political Islam as a threat to their authority.

India and Saudi Arabia have openly attacked Turkey’s foreign policy and have been working hard to gain support from countries to counter Turkey’s growing popularity in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has been more active, spending hundreds of millions of dollars through it’s proxies to promote an anti-Turkey propaganda in the attempt to discredit Turkey’s Ottoman History as an occupation instead of an Islamic Empire.

Saudi Arabia is also known to be amongst those countries that have been leading the pressure on allies to establish relations with Israel, preparing a road for itself to normalise relations with Israel in the future.

India is known for it’s anti-Muslim policy and laws which led to nation-wide lynching of Muslims, burning of Muslim businesses, taking away legal rights of Muslims to own land in India, destroying mosques to replace with temples, and finally the continued brutal occupation of the Muslim region of Kashmir by Indian military forces.

Foreign Minister Shahid has worked very hard in the past years to show his loyalty to these two countries. This has allowed Saudi and India to use a country like the Maldives (a country with a good international record of being a 100% Muslim population) to now support their anti-Turkey foreign policy in the Middle East and anti-Pakistan policy in Asia.

It is important to note that Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, had recently given his support for Turkey’s foreign policy and has implemented many policies within Pakistan to support Turkey.

Now, Maldives is getting dragged into the international political game, which is unfortunately based on a plan against Islam instead of supporting Islam.

It will not be good for any peace loving country to support the Foreign Minister Shahid as the new UNGA President as it will be a very one-sided leadership.

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