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Maldives Covid-19 cases skyrocket with India First Policy

The Maldivian Democratic Party coalition led government has taken the much delayed but necessary decision on implementing a travel ban for anyone flying to the Maldives from India. They have included other South Asian nations to the list, however the local anger towards the government has mostly been towards the Indian travelers that has been using the Maldives as a third country transit before leaving to their final destinations. A policy which the Maldives foreign ministry and the tourism ministry has supported India with in return for their political support for the Maldivian Democratic Party.

For the past months as India’s coronovirus situation worsened, countries started to ban those traveling from India to enter. However India hoped that to circumvent this blockade to it’s citizens, they could use the Maldives as a transit hub for rich Indians traveling out of the country. A decision jointly made between the two governments, that unfortunately has become the sole reason for the uncontrollable spread of cases all across the Maldives.

As ordinary Maldivians showed their anger on social media towards the government’s unwillingness to ban Indians traveling to the Maldives, the pressure seem to have finally worked.

Indian nationals who are already in the Maldives for their holiday will still get to stay in the Maldives without any concerns. However all new arrivals from India or anyone that has been to India has been banned. It is uncertain if this is the case for Indian government and military personals that has been traveling between India and the Maldives frequently without any restrictions.

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