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Maldives Police Barricade Downtown Male’ to Block Anti-government Protests


Update 1
Time: 2040 hrs

The Police have tonight barricaded large swathes of downtown Male’ to block planned anti-government protests against the backslide in democracy. The protests were planned to coincide with the country’s 55th anniversary of Independence. Organisers are expecting a record turnout to demonstrate peacefully against growing impunity and heavy-handedness by the incumbent regime of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Protestors took to the streets at the iconic intersection of Majeedhee and Chandhanee roads, a renowned protest site during the 2011 demonstrations against the Nasheed regime.

Police issued warnings that they would use any force necessary to disperse the protestors, many of whom sat on the curbs with placard messages.

Organisers noted that the key concerns of protesters include the continued interference in the judiciary, rising utility bills and delays in allotment of social housing and rising in4ation. Other issues include nepotism in government and key institutions, violation of rights of women and girls, and selective justice and impunity.

Update 2
Time: 2100 hrs

Police have started to forcibly dispersing protestors. One arrest was made. A male protestor. A female protestor was rushed to hospital with a head injury.

Protestor numbers continued to grow. Unnecessary force being utilized by the police. Male police manhandling female protestors.

Update 3
Time: 2140 hrs

Protestors make their way peacefully down Majeedhee road towards Henveiru due to the obstructions faced at the Majeedhee and Chandhanee road junction. Calls for the immediate resignation of President Solih echoing. Second arrest made. Also a male protestor.

Update 4
Time: 2200 hrs

Marchers continue to face obstructions by police cordons. They stop outside the Head Office of the opposition coalition. Leaders continue to address the crowd.

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